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Subject: Belzer Counseling update
Date: December 19th 2017

Hello Belzer Family,

  I have some important information about 21st Century Scholars.  This month we are doing a huge push for enrollement into the 21st Century Scholars  Program.  Today we gave out prizes to all students that returned their pink sheets during lunch.  We are going to continue to give out prizes each week.  We do not want anyone to miss out on this amazing opportunity.  It is extremely important for 8th graders to sign up this year!  Once the 8th grade school year is over, they will not be able to sign up, so please do not put this off.  

  The goal is to have all eligible students enrolled in the program before the year ends.  The state-sponsored scholarship provides free college tuition to students, but enrollment must take place during middle school.

The online enrollment information is attached.  In order to apply for the scholarship, parents must first create an account.  Below is a short video to help walk parents through the process.    


Go to for more information and click the PDF 



Have a wonderful week and winter break,

Darin Landers


School Counselor/Belzer Middle School

7555 East 56th St, Indianapolis, IN 46226


Office: 317-964-6295


“Intelligence plus character-that is the goal of true education.”
                        -Dr. Martin Luther King Jr

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