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Subject: Belzer Middle School Performing Arts Message
Date: April 19th 2017

Good Afternoon Incoming 7th grade families,


We are the Belzer Performing Arts, and we wanted to reach out to you with a few fun facts and some important information! 

Did you know…

·         that over 50% of the Belzer student body is currently in the Performing Arts? 

·         that band, orchestra, choir and athletic events do NOT conflict?

·         that over 50% of Top 30 Seniors at Lawrence Central High School have been involved in the Performing Arts?

·         that renting an instrument doesn’t have to be expensive?

·         that students can take more than one performing art?


Why the Performing Arts?

·         Because it teaches students how to be life-long lovers of music

·         Because it teaches students discipline

·         Because it keeps kids INVOLVED

·         Because it helps students gain and maintain healthy relationships with their peers

  •  Because it builds confidence

·         Because it teaches students how to be a team

·         Because students get to compete and travel


The faculty, staff and administration here at Belzer Middle School know how important the Performing Arts are in the lives of our children.  It is our goal to make the Performing Arts accessible for all students!  Please join us at one of our Try On Nights and Experience Choir Night to find out just how fantastic our programs really are!


Please fill out the Belzer Performing Arts google form prior to coming to our Try On and Experience Nights!



  Remember, Experience Choir Night is tomorrow from 6:30PM-7:30PM  













 Heather Nieto

Director of Orchestras

Performing Arts Department Chair, Belzer Middle School



Kristina LaMarca

Director of Bands



Kalani Lancaster

Assistant Director of Bands



Kayla Harris

Director of Choirs



Kim Hicks

Assistant Director of Choirs





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