BMS Red Apple Fundraiser - DUE MONDAY, Sept. 12th

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Subject: BMS Red Apple Fundraiser - DUE MONDAY, Sept. 12th
Date: September 8th 2016


Order forms and money due: Monday, September 12th

PURPOSE: Attention Parents: Please help us by allowing your student to participate in the fundraiser. We are asking each student to try to sell at least 12 items. Every student selling 12 items or more will win a cash award. Our school will be able to use the profits to maintain a number of valuable programs that are not funded by the state.

Brought to you with pride from Red Apple, Otis Spunkmeyer, Auntie Anne’s, and Club’s Choice. Our catalogs feature:  frozen cookie dough, which is pre-formed for your convenience. All Cookie Dough products may be kept frozen for up to 12 months. Also check out our great selection of pizzas, garlic bread, gourmet pretzels, cheesecakes, and more! Delight family and friends with our high quality products, featured items include chocolates, magazines, kitchen gadgets, candles, and exclusive wrap. Something for everyone!!!


image002  Show the catalog to friends, relatives, and co-workers.

image002   Please, no unsupervised door-to-door selling.

image002   Please collect the money when you take the order.


  1. CHECKS should be made payable to Belzer M.S. Please include student’s name in the memo section.

  2. For questions please call Belzer M.S. at 964-6200.

image002   MERCHANDISE will be distributed on October 17th at Belzer.

  1. Please TURN IN BOTH COPIES OF THE ORDER FORMS to the COORDINATOR. Originals will be returned with the participant’s order.                                               


Check out our new, improved, and easy to use ONLINE direct delivery option for families and friends outside of your selling area and have their order delivered right to their door!

  • Order non-frozen items only online at

  • Your customer will need Belzer M.S. code BELZ48 to place their order.

  • STUDENTS! Click on Students Register here tab, create your Student Seller account and send out emails and/or Facebook messages to your family and friends. Your school code is BELZ48.

  • All online sales count toward prizes and profit for the group.

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