Fundraiser STARTS Tomorrow!!! **Important Message***

From: "Belzer PFO " <>
Subject: Fundraiser STARTS Tomorrow!!! **Important Message***
Date: September 18th 2017

Dear Parents,

The 2017 Belzer PFO Fall Fundraiser starts tomorrow. Your child will receive a packet to bring home AND will register via their Chrome Book during school. 

Please take a minute to review the information and discuss with your child the opportunites for prizes as well as who they might ask to support the school.

Money raised is donated back to the various clubs and funds at the school so this year we are shooting to make sell over $60,000 of product to net our organization $30,000! If each of the 1100 students sell on average $60 we will hit our goal. PLEASE make this your goal!

Attached is the prize sheet! Please review with your child tomorrow. If you have any questions, please email me at


John Dewey, 8th Grade President

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